Secure Password?

About 63% of confirmed data breaches involved weak, default or stolen passwords.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) strengthens access security by requiring two methods (also referred to as factors) to verify your identity. These factors can include something you know – like a username and password, plus something you have – like a smartphone app to approve authentication requests.

2FA protects against phishing, social engineering and password brute-force attacks and secures your logins from attackers exploiting weak or stolen credentials.

Duo Beyond ensures only trusted users and trustworthy devices can access protected applications.

Cloud-first organizations and those looking for a secure, rapid transition to the cloud use Duo Beyond to protect their on-premises and hosted applications, while securing their mobile workforce and their chosen devices.

Establish Trust In User Identity

Who is this? When your users try to access an application, the first step towards a zero-trust access platform is to confirm that user’s identity with two-factor authentication (2FA) and contextual user access policies. Duo ensures they are who they say they are and whether they’re permitted to access their desired application.

Evaluate Trustworthiness of User Devices

Once a user is identified as trusted, the device must pass the next check. Duo Beyond ensures the security health and managed or unmanaged status of your devices before they can reach your applications. Combining trusted users and trusted devices means total control over who and what has access.

Enable Secure Connection to All Applications

Trusted access boils down to one main goal: protecting every application your business relies on, whether it’s in the cloud or on-premises, with simple access via a secure SSO process. Duo Beyond's trusted access platform lets you create policies and rules for application access to reduce risk and exposure to vulnerabilities. And you don’t need a VPN.

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