Automated Offsite Backups

Securely access work files anywhere

Easily Back Up and Share files from any computer, mobile or tablet. Think! are you covered if your server hard drives crash? – Most companies only back up locally leaving them vulnerable to data loss.


Work on the go

Access & edit your files anywhere

Save your documents to the Livedrive Briefcase folder and then access and edit them securely from any device.

Back up your office computers

Keep your important files secure

Livedrive automatically uploads your files to our secure UK data centres. If you lose or break a computer, tablet, or phone you can easily restore the files to a new device

Bank-level security

The security your business deserves

Livedrive stores your files on our UK data centres, protected by 24/7 physical security and the latest intrusion prevention technology. We are SOC2 self-certified and SOX compliant.

Cloud Control Panel

Get complete access to your control panel where you can monitor backup devices, view files, restore files to any device, check the last time a device created a backup and much more.



Device Control Panel

Each device has it’s only control panel where you can set the files and folders which are to be backed up. Configure settings and view your back up status! All of our control panels are easy to use and understand making it a pleasure to use our system.

Upon first install the backup software will backup all files from the selected folders and then only backup changed or new files, this ensures your backups run smoothly and keeps the size of your backup account to a minimum.

Once installed you can forget about the backups as everything is taken care of automatically in the background.



Small Business User
£10 / Month
  • Up to 1TB Storage
  • Additional 1TB £8 Per Month
  • FREE set up
  • Up to 10 devices backed up
Medium Business User
£25 / Month
  • Up to 3TB Storage
  • Additional 1TB £6 Per Month
  • FREE set up
  • Up to 25 devices backed up


Large Business User
£40 / month
  • Up to 5TB Storage
  • Additional 1TB £5 Per Month
  • FREE set up
  • Up to 100 devices backed up


Share and Collaborate from anywhere!

Briefcase lets you access your files wherever they are. It adds a virtual drive to your PC. Files added to that drive are stored on your hard drive, but also copied safely online. you can access the Briefcase files at any time online – you can even edit documents and photos, watch movies and listen to music right from the web browser And if you install your Briefcase on more than one PC, the files are the same on each computer – files changed on one machine update on all of the others automatically!

Backup Briefcase
£25 / Year
  • £25 set up charge, low monthly storage costs
  • 512 MB – £10 Per month
  • 1 TB – £15 Per month
  • 1.5 TB – £20 Per month
  • 2 TB – £25 Per month

Try our backup system for FREE (no credit card required)